How do you persuade someone to tell you the truth?

How do you persuade someone to tell you the truth?

By JW Patrick
Part 2 of a summary and review of Spy the Lie  by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero and Don Tennant
www.qverity.com. Published by (www.iconbooks.net)


(For  Part 1 click here: How can you tell if someone is lying?)

So you’ve spotted a cluster of deceptive behaviours. A colleague, partner, boss, teen, tween, MP or salesman is definitely lying to you. What do you do next? How do you uncover the truth they’re obviously desperate to keep from you.

Remember the truth is not their ally and the facts are not their friends. If they’re lying, they will have a planned strategy to deceive you and you need to prevent them carrying out that strategy. Continue reading

How can you tell if someone is lying?

A Summary and Review of: Spy the Lie

by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero and Don Tennant
Published by  (www.iconbooks.net) www.qverity.com

Spy the Lie is a book written by a team of CIA officers who have developed a method to help you spot the tell-tale signs that someone is lying to you and help you ask the right questions to uncover the truth. Continue reading

Healthy Meals for Kids – Japanese Style

Tips for a Healthy Family – Japanese Style

Summary & Review of Moryama and Doyle.

Japan are the undisputed world champions of Healthy Life Expectancy for both men and women. Japan also has the lowest child obesity levels in the world – despite their society facing the same temptations as ours such as too much screen time and junk food. So is there anything we in Scotland can learn from Japanese attitudes to food and health?

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5 Second Rule is a Myth!

Our six year old always says “5 second rule!” after she drops a sweet on the floor, then picks it up and pops it in her mouth. Both mum and grandmother passed down the phrase to her (and the bad habit) but the old adage simply is not true.  Wiping food after its fallen on the floor, doesn’t work. Blowing on it doesn’t work either.  If food lands on the floor, then it will pick up more germs than if it hadn’t fallen on the floor.  Simple as that. So if it falls on the floor, chuck it in the bin.

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The hottest girl in the world right now


So Ava (6) loves JLS and is starting to understand song lyrics.

“Daddy? Does the song means she’s burning up?”

“Nooooope. Not exactly”

“So hottest means the s word?”

“Errrr… maybe. Which S Word?”


“Yes that’s what hot means. In this context”

“Daddy. I don’t think little girls should hear the s word.”

“Quite right darling. How bout we listen to some Johnny Cash.”

“But Daaaaaadddy, he doesn’t sing. He just talks loudly.”


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