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The Family Travel Journal by JW Patrick

“A brilliant, fun way to create a family keepsake of precious holiday memories!”

The Family Travel Journal is not an activity book to keep the kids quiet. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s about you as a family looking, learning and laughing together on holiday.

The handbag-friendly Family Travel Journal  helps children to switch off their screens and take more notice of their surroundings, to think more, engage more and chat more.

When filled in and completed, it becomes a fantastic record of your family holiday – so the more you write down the more memories you will save!

The Invincibles by JW Patrick

An Adventure Novel for Children Age 10+  

12-year-old Jack Crawford is the only person who can save his dad’s life. Trouble is, he’s trapped thousands of miles away in a remote boarding school with a bunch of super-rich, spoiled, resentful class-mates.

With time running out, Jack must forge this bunch of misfits into The Invincibles, a crack team of daring escapologists, whip-smart cryptographers, cunning programmers and engineers. But when the clock stops ticking, will The Invincibles dare risk everything for Jack?

Why Have Adventures? by JW Patrick

A FREE downloadable non-fiction book for parents of teenagers exploring how outdoor pursuits benefit young people.

Sam Sykes is an outdoor pursuits instructor who believes that the challenge and adventure of outdoor education can benefit young people for the rest of their lives. That learning practical new skills such as rock climbing, camping, map reading and kayaking are not just great fun but they also help young people grow more confident in their own abilities.

Why Have Adventures vividly illustrates how outdoor pursuits can help develop positive life skills and traits including:
Risk Assessment, Self-Reliance, Team Work, Perseverance, Learning from your Mistakes, Communication and Leadership. 

Request eBook or Book from here. All profits will be donated to the Windmill Youth Group Charity which is dedicated to helping young people of all backgrounds face the world with confidence.


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