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Here be dragons, daddy

Sam, aged 3, had been catching invisible baby dragons all morning long. Cupping his hands together he carefully showed me  all the blue dragons, red dragons, yellow dragons he’d captured around the house. They were all  very cute – if a little invisible.

Later that afternoon he appeared at my side with his proffered hands cupped,  just as before. I don’t know what possessed me but I grinned and clapped his hands together. I will never forget the expression of horror on his face.

Now smeared across his palms were the remains of a spider.

Coping with Guilt

“I tied the rope around Caitlin and when I pulled it the knot came undone and I fell backwards”

This was the explanation my 6 year old son, Alexander sobbed as we held him cradling his arm at the bottom of our 6 foot tall slide. At this stage I realized that the level of supervision we provided our children when they were playing in the garden may have slipped beyond what was sensible… Continue reading